Buffalo Creek OutFitters Booking Sheet​

When you are ready to book your hunt, please fill out the below booking sheet and email to ugohunt@gmail.com

Hunt and Camp Rules

  1. Hunters will be put on a “stand” by a guide and will be picked up at a specified time.  Under NO circumstances are hunters to leave a stand. (If you have wounded an animal, wait until your guide arrives before tracking.)  
  2. No loaded firearms are permitted in camp.    
  3. NO loaded firearms while being transported to and from “stands.”  Firearms are only to be loaded when a hunter is in a “stand” and ready to hunt safely.  Once you leave your “stand” for pick-up, your weapon is to be unloaded and your hunt is over. No Shooting once you leave your stand.
  4. When trailing downed game, the guide is the ONLY person permitted to carry a loaded firearm.
  5. There will be NO consumption of alcohol during normal hunting hours.  If a hunter consumes alcohol during the day, they will not be permitted to hunt again until the next calendar day.
  6. NO smoking in the lodge, cabins or woods.
  7. 3 day hunters are allowed 2 bucks and a doe or 1 buck and 2 doe. Bucks must be a 6 point or better. No Spikes.
  8. Deer hunters are allowed to harvest two bucks per week. Bucks must be a 6 point or better. No Spike Bucks. 
  9. Any harvesting of unlawful or unwarranted animals may result in fines and removal from camp.
  10. All hunters using elevated stands must use a safety strap.  
  11. All hunters under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult in the woods and in camp.  They are the sole responsibility of their parent or guardian.
  12. All North Carolina hunting regulations will be followed at all times.
  13. Hunters are required to present all legal licenses prior to hunting.
  14. Please be considerate of other hunters and staff members regarding appropriate language.
  15. All hunters must sign all required documents and be issued Land Entry Permits prior to hunting.
  16. Bear hunters will need to be properly licensed and please make note of the $1000 Trophy fee for a bear harvested weighing 400lbs or heavier.     
  17. A wounded unrecovered bear counts as the hunters dead bear.  You wound him, you bought him.
  18. Button Bucks count as a doe, per state law.
  19. There will be a $200 fine assessed to any hunter harvesting an undersized deer, and $100 fine for a Spike Buck.  All fines MUST be paid prior to the next hunt.

Choosing an Outfitter

CHOOSING YOUR OUTFITTER:  The meaningful questions to ask, Do your homework! Daily itinerary:  ask them to describe what a normal day “Looks Like”.  You will be able to decide if they meet your expectations.

  • All inclusive? 3 meals a day, Transportation, Guided, Linens, Towels etc.  You must have all this information to be able to price accordingly.  Food and Transportation can be costly and a major inconvenience if you have to provide/cook for yourself.
  • How much land does the Outfitter actually hunt? Public or private?  Don’t assume the Outfitter pays leases on private land, some don’t. 
  • How many “Stands” are available and what types (Ground Blinds, Elevated Box, and Ladder Stands)? This can be very important if you do not like to climb or are not able.
  • How many hunters will be in camp at a time? Too many can be mass chaos and very uncomfortable for the guests.  This is a huge indicator of an Outfitter who is in business for the quantity of hunters (money) vs quality of the hunt for the guests.  What is their magic number?  We have heard horror stories on this topic!
  • What is their percentage of return hunters? This is a “Great” reflection of “Customer Satisfaction”.  Customers do not return year after year if their experience is not positive. 
  • Any Hidden Fees? Tracking, Processing, Transportation, Consumption, Service and Supplies.  What we refer to as “Nickel and Diming” the customer.  This happens constantly and can leave a “bad taste in a customer’s mouth” upon check out.  Don’t laugh, customers have been charged for the number of soft drinks consumed.   
  • Ask about opportunity rate? The outfitter cannot control the actual hunters skill.  Success rates can be misleading.
  • Check references, most recent are best. Someone that hunted in a Camp 3 to 5 years back may not be able to give you the best information.  Camps change and facilities deteriorate or can improve. 
  • Is your camp family friendly? How many female hunters do you have in camp yearly?  Make sure that you, your spouse or your children are welcome and it is the type of environment that you prefer. 
  • Can the Outfitter provide a “Rules” sheet and what type of documents will require signatures upon guest arrival?

The answers to these questions can help you make the most educated decision on hunting with an Outfitter.  They can also make the difference between a pleasurable, memorable experience and a nightmare. 




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